U11/U13 Goalie Clinic (2-part). Saturday, October 24, 2020

Published: October 15th, 2020

This is a 2-Part Goalie Clinic. The first session will focus on skating, positioning, and technique. The second will involve shooters from the U11/U13 divisions for some fun challenges!

Email Goaltending Convenor Mike Laverty to register: mikelaverty@gmail.com. Part One - 10am to 10:45am Goaltenders work in small groups to work on skating, positioning, and technique. This portion of the clinic will introduce and reinforce goaltending concepts specific to the challenges in Part Two. The intention is that goalies will prepare themselves both physically and mentally for greater success in the afternoon.

Part Two - 5:30 to 6:25pm After getting some rest and perspective, goalies return to the ice for an hour of fun challenges! Shooters from the U11 and U13 divisions are invited to skate as participants in the hopes of being the last shooter standing.

5 on 3 Penalty Kill

At either end of the rink, there will be an endless 5 on 3 powerplay. Goalies will be challenged to kill off an entire 5 on 3 power play! Coaches will time how long the goalie holds off the attack. Then the goalie will take a break before getting at another chance to break their record.

Shootout/3v3 Challenge Players take turns shooting on goalies. If they score a goal they stay in the rotation. If the goalie makes the save they are out. Once we are down to six shooters, these players are then divided into (2) teams for a round of sudden death 3v3. First team to score wins.

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